Thank you, You Just Booked 8:00 pm on 2/14/2010

Thank you, You Just Booked 8:00 pm on 2/14/2010
You just confirmed and paid through Paypal
a Wedding Ceremony on February 14, 2010 at 8:00 pm
at " A Garden of Dreams". Your purchase is
"The Valentine Rose" Wedding Ceremony
which includes:
1. A customized ceremony created
specifically for you with our onsite minister,
Reverend Denise Kay.
It will have serveral parts:
1. Welcome to your guests,
2. Blessing of your rings,
3. Vows,
4. Blessing,
5. Pronouncement,
6. and Announcement.
You may have up to 13 guests or a total of 15
(bride and groom) people.
7. It includes a Bride's bouquet and matching groom's flowers,
created by our florist
(the bride will be able to work directly
with this florist),
8. A two tier, cake on cake, vanilla on vanilla,
blank top heartshaped wedding cake:
8 inch bottom cake, 6 inch top cake.
9. You will have use of the Red Rose Reception Room,
three round tables, plus linens,
cake plates, cake cutting knives,
three bottles of sparkling cider
and glasses for toasting.
The Bride and Groom will be able to
keep their flutes).
You and your guests will have 1 -1/2 hours,
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm use of the Heartsong Chapel
and the Red Rose Reception Room.
All guest must vacate by 9:30 pm.
This package also includes a one night stay
on the 14th in one of our two cottages.
If you are the first to book you get a
choice of the Sara Rose or the Blue Moon,
go to
and click on lodging then each of the
links to the left of that page to choose.
We will let you know in our confirmation
email if you have first choice.
If you did not give us your email
and telephone number in Paypal Check out,
please call us immediately at
1-877-271-1721 so that we may confirm
your flower colors, what type of wedding vows
you wish to pledge and other important details.