most of these pictures are now obsolete.
A Couple Of Long Ago
My Second Wedding
My First Couple
Mr and Mrs Gillispie
A June 2010 Couple
Mr and Mrs Hoskins
Mr and Mrs Rash
A July 2010 Couple

My Trees In Early Spring
One of My Azela bushes
I Call this my Fire Bush(Azela)
Purple Lilies
More Lilies

Deer In Yard in August 2011
Gazebo in Fall 2010
Gazebo in Summer 2011

First Snow Fall in 2011
Small Wooden Yard Gazebo

My new Red Rose Garden Ceremony side-All pictures of the Red Rose room are no longer to be used. The Red Rose is now called the Golden Heart and is all white and Gold.
Red Rose Garden reception side-now used for The Rose Ceremony, 6 people and under
New Blue Angel Reception Room-is available again.
Blue Angel Reception room, sits up to 12 on 3 tables, plus head table, total 14.